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"A Time for Everything"

Christian Time and Life Management Course

Get the best of time and life management, from a Christian, biblical perspective that will pay rewards not only in our present time, but for eternity! Explore what this course offers, below, pay and sign up for an excellent, life-enriching study!

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn:

  • The most important basis for all time and life management
  • The power of organization to develop an impactful life of blessing
  • A comprehensive, Christ-centered system for managing your time and life
  • The Biblical and philosophical foundations of time management, and conflicting views
  • The common rules for time, space, and money which simplify and empower your life
  • God's example, instruction, and context for effective time and life management
  • The nuts and bolts for planning, scheduling, and living effectively and gracefully
  • And more!

Benefits and Application of this Course

There are multiple benefits to a course like this. And I can testify personally. Among them are:

  • Become more organized in your time, space, money, and overall life
  • Think more realistically about what you can and cannot do
  • Re-focus your life to get and give the best to what truly matters most
  • Be sure to have the time you need for the most important and meaningful things in life
  • Learn the secrets to and power of following an effective system for managing your life events
  • Better understand time, space, and money, and how to relate to them
  • Develop the skills to live a more impactful and meaningful life
  • Be able to look back over the day, the week, the month, the year, and your life with true satisfaction
  • Prayerfully craft and hone your future by taking hold of the present
  • Learn the secrets to grabbing hold of life's most meaningful opportunities and running with them

Course Format

This course will be provided using well laid-out:

  • Video instruction for every lesson
  • Work sheets and practical learning exercises and experiences
  • Select readings
  • Links, reading lists, and information for further study options
  • Regular quizzes to test and enrich your learning
  • There will be 12 lessons in all

How to Sign up and Pay for This Course

Course value: My formal study of this subject came from a masters-level university class, provided by an instructor who had a doctorate in the topic. This cost me around $4000. On top of that, studying leadership and management throughout my masters program, I've gleaned numerous additional insights for a well-rounded understanding of this topic, not to mention the hours of Bible study which provide the Christian context. A course like this could easily cost someone (like myself) thousands. But I'm taking the best and most important key-components of all my studies, and providing it to you in a fresh and effective way, that will bless your life. I'm only asking a donation range between $100-150 for you to take this online course (but you can give more if you're able and you'd like to ;) ).

To sign up and pay is simple. Please fill out the seminar pre-registration page (click here), and pay your donation amount for the class to PayPal, using the link provided below [to Clear Call Ministries].