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Created For So Much More! - Jan. 24-25, 2020 - Coming to Elgin, OR!

This world faces so many challenges: broken lives, hurting people, violence, an uncertain future, conflicting ideas and ideals. People are hurting. But could it be that we have missed something greater? A future, a hope, and a loving Creator? Find answers that make sense in this exciting 3-part seminar!


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Event Perks and Highlights

What to expect at the event.

Free for You!

There is no charge to attend or obligations. No offerings will be collected either.

Free Child-care (ages 3-8)

As a family-friendly event, free child-care will be available each night of the seminar. Come and enjoy!

Friendly Staff

Please expect a warm welcome to our seminar. We aim for a friendly atmosphere, welcoming to all who are "friendly."

Feel Comfortable - Come as you are!

Wear whatever you like (at least be covered). Just off work? No problem. Come on in!

All Faiths Welcome

We all come from different backgrounds. We welcome all, as we explore faithfully distinctive biblical teachings.

Free Gifts and Materials!

As you come each night, free gifts will be drawn for and seminar materials will be provided.

Why a free event?

You may ask, "Why?" Why provide a free event, give stuff away, and make people feel welcome and comfortable? What's the catch or angle? There isn't one. Jesus said, "...freely ye have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8). It's not about "What's in it for me?" Instead, its about "What's in it for you?" The joy is in giving something so beautiful away. True happiness is not about getting, but rather giving. "Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). We are blessed by seeing you blessed. Blessed by seeing lives empowered and changed by Jesus. Ever feel the joy of giving a gift? Certainly. We want to invest in others' happiness and joy. Good news must be shared! So, please, come and experience more joy, and make us happy by your presence.

Seminar Schedule

Don't miss the blessings of each message in our seminar. They share a full package.

Fri. Jan. 24 @6:30p


Created For So Much More!

Is this broken world and life all there is? Or is there more - something better? Find it!

Sat. Jan. 25 @ 11:00a


Noah's Flood and the Evidence

Is there evidence for the flood story of Noah? If so, what does it mean for us today? Find out!

Sat. Jan. 25 @ 6:30p


Babel and Beyond (God's Purpose in a Multi-cultural World)

Since the ancient Babel, our world has been divided. Why? How does today's globalizing world fit? Find out, in Revelation.

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Let us know you're planning to come. It helps to know ahead of time. We can be sure to have your seminar materials ready for you. This is NOT required. Anyone can join us, anytime. However, it's nice to plan ahead. Pre-register and receive a special gift on opening-night.

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Event Location

Seventh-day Adventist Church Auditorium

25 N 15th Ave

Elgin, OR 97827-8913


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