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Basics of Bible Prophecy

with Ben Burkhardt

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What does this free course offer?

Session One: Understanding the Basics of Bible Prophecy
Session Two: Prophetic Principles from Dreams in Genesis
Session Three: Bible Prophecy Symbols and Applications

Why study this FREE three-part Bible Prophecy e-Course?

  • Jesus taught Bible prophecy (see Matthew 24)
  • Jesus said we should UNDERSTAND Bible prophecy (Matthew 24:15)
  • Jesus gives His people Bible prophecy for a special reason (Revelation 1:1-3)
  • Prophecy REVEALS Jesus to us more deeply (Luke 24:25-26,44)
  • Prophecy helps us navigate safely through Satan's deceptions (Rev. 16:13-14)
  • This FREE Bible course provides POWERFUL principles of Bible prophecy that will help you to make sense of Bible prophecy and discern between the hype and the reality when it comes to Bible prophecy.
  • Learn from an international teacher who specializes in Bible prophecy, is experienced, and can explain it clearly with a deep love for Jesus!

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About Your Instructor

International speaker, Ben Burkhardt gave his life to Jesus in 2003. From that moment, he began sharing Jesus' love and truth with others. Over the years, Ben has specialized in Bible prophecy, especially in a Christ-centered context! He says, "If we miss Jesus, we miss the whole point!"

Today he has an international speaking and Bible teaching ministry. He has traveled all over the world sharing his seminars, in Asia, Africa, and North America, teaching on Bible prophecy and various topics of scripture.

He shares God's word with love, passion, and clarity, connecting with people of all backgrounds, welcoming all. His messages are centered on Jesus and biblical.

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